02 Jul 2022

Making CVs noticeable - bullet points or narrative?

At Everest we see many CVs, and recently some have shown more than the necessary number of bullet points.

Do bullet points work? It depends on how many and how you use them.

In my online research and reading, I have read that neuroscientists confirm what we've known for centuries -- the human brain is wired for story. We process our world in narrative, we talk in narrative, and people recall and retain information more effectively when it is presented in the form of a story.

Narrative creates emotion which is the fastest way to the brain and therefore engagement. This means that it makes sense to create a CV that has strong narrative.

A good CV should showcase your most relevant skills and experience in a professional way in order to catch a recruiter’s attention. Although the content is undoubtedly important, having a well-formatted CV can dramatically affect the success rate of your applications.

Below is a sample that we hope is useful. Create your story within a format that works for you.

Project Officer July 2006 – December 2008

Local Government Organisation

I was engaged in this transformation and relocation project to undertake the whole of organisation relocation involving cultural and behaviour change initiatives.

• I contributed to change management strategy and designed/conducted readiness assessment. This was utilised within the organisation at multiple points across a three year program implementation.

• Stakeholder engagement with organisational representatives to determine employee/business impacts and change drivers. Communication efforts were rated as effective and engaging by staff and management in program evaluations and informal staff recognition

 The following link is a very useful article . It is about how to sell your destiny and not your history – what do you want and where do you see yourself going? Use your words to create compelling pictures in the mind of your reader. Draw from your past experience, highlighting your skills and attributes. Highlight the career path you wish to follow.

Do this so that hiring managers notice you!